Why SuperGeo is SUPER?

From time to time, people were asking us why we are “SuperGeo”? So today I am going to reveal the origin of our company name….

Well the answer is pretty easy… but meaningful too! The company was funded and established in 2001 by “Super Wang”, the current CEO at SuperGeo. Yes! That’s just the reason of our special name.

In fact, the name of our CEO, Neng-Chao Wang, means greatly in Chinese. Neng (能) means capability, Chao (超) means to exceed or super-, and Wang (王) means king.

Graduated from Geography Department at the top university in Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU), Wang built the very first GIS consultant company in Taiwan. He is also the first man in Taiwan (where IT technology is highly developed) to observe the opportunity and be capable of developing and selling GIS software overseas. It is Wang’s wish to provide cost-effective alternative GIS software with mature techniques.

Now you know why we are SuperGeo and may you find us superb!


SuperGeo at Map India 2010

SuperGeo is currently joining Map India 2010 in Gurgaon, India. We attend several large international geospatial trade shows every year and this time we set up a big well-designed booth and send a big team to India.

Some of us have never been to India so we expected some culture shock here. However, good food, nice weather (at least it’s not raining and not too cold! just a bit foggy and sandy though), and friendly people make us feel refreshing!

We have met many interested users and potential buyers. Many visitors came to speak with us proactively and inquired our products in details. Many local companies are interested in partnership and collaboration opportunities with SuperGeo, not only in India, but also in nearby countries. It’s a very successful exhibition (and business trip!).

Although we haven’t experienced much culture shock but there are still many different and interesting things. Among them, the most impressive is, for me, Indian food! How come they have so many different kinds of curry flavors with different ingredients! So creative and so yummy….

Our next trade show- INTERGEO East will be in Istanbul, Turkey. We are so looking forward to meeting more potential buyers, partners, and amazing local culture too! See you in Istanbul soon…


Laser Rangefinder Extension

In December 2009, SuperGeo released SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3, the full-function mobile GIS software and lightweight mobile GIS software respectively. The 2 new products along with SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3, mobile GIS SDK, thus form the ‘complete mobile GIS solutions’ and present more flexible and cost-competitive products to you.

The functions of the 3rd generation products are, no doubt, enhanced greatly. We would like to introduce one of the latest extensions, Laser Rangefinder Extension, to you.

Laser Rangefinder Extension enables users to transfer information measured and acquired by a laser rangefinder to mobile device through COM Port (physical wire or wireless Bluetooth), calculated with GPS then label the result on the map in the form of point to achieve the establishment, storage, management and display of prompt spatial information.

Laser Rangefinder Extension can be used in both SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3. Welcome to experience it now from SGDN http://sgdn.supergeotek.com/index.aspx and any feedback is appreciated!


More SuperGeo Websites...

In order to provide the best service for the users, SuperGeo has built several websites with different purposes.

1. SuperGeoTek, http://www.supergeotek.com/, our global website contains the latest product information and online shopping function. We upload the trial software and documents regularly to ensure that you can always update with us.

2. SuperGeo Taiwan Web, http://www.supergeo.com.tw/, our website in Chinese introduces useful information and news to our local clients. It's also convenient and useful for the huge Chinese-speaking people all over the world.

3. SGDN (SuperGeo Developer Network), http://sgdn.supergeotek.com/index.aspx, provides rich info for programmers and developers. We share lots of useful sample codes to help your application development of SuperGeo products effectively.

4. SGRN (SuperGeo Reseller Network), http://sgrn.supergeotek.com/index.aspx, designed for our partners to read the latest news and run the business easier and faster. Welcome to join us and you will know how good we support our partners.

5. GIS Forum, http://www.gisforum.com.tw/, is a platform for all the users to discuss and share ideas with each other. We reply to all the questions promptly too. Currently it's Chinese only but we are going to include more information in the future.

Introduce SuperGIS Logo

As SuperGIS series products are getting more and more popular, we have designed a new logo for our self-developed software. From 2010, all the SuperGIS software developed by SuperGeo R&D Team will be presented to you with this new logo, which can also be seen in our marketing assistance documents, like brochues and posters.

SuperGIS Logo uses our representative color, green, plus energetic orange color which not only corresponding to our SuperGeo logo, but also in the smile shape, implying our professional and friendly service. The globe inside "P" indicates our determination to become a global GIS leader!

Meanwhile, the SuperGeo Logo representing our whole company will of course be used together because it is the symbol of our company, especially very significant in overseas market. Hopefully you would find both our logos impressive and, like them too!