SuperWebGIS 3 Passes OGC Compliance Test and Supports 64-bit Environment

We are excited to announce that SuperWebGIS 3, the newly-released Internet map server software, passes OGC compliance test and is able to fully support 64-bit Environment now.

SuperWebGIS 3 enhances the interoperability of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards, passes the compliance test of OGC WMS 1.3.0, WCS 1.0.0, and WFS 1.0.0., and already obtains the OGC official certification.

WMS, WCS, and WFS are the standards defined by Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC). These standards make the map data from different resources be seamlessly integrated via the Internet by adhering to the same standards. Therefore, client-side users can access the map services by using browsers or the applications supporting OGC standards.

SuperWebGIS 3 is thus able to fulfill cross-platform, cross-domain, cross-system, and cross-databases. This helps organizations interoperate and share the geospatial data more effectively.

On the other hand, SuperWebGIS 3 completely supports 64-bit operating environments, like Windows 7, 2008, 2003, etc.

Compared with 32-bit operating environment, 64-bit operating environment supports larger capacity of system memory, provides more powerful operating efficiency, and enables the database server to support more Geodatabases to deal with multi-user connections in real time.

Therefore, enterprises can develop a high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-scalability map service in a better environment to effectively share the spatial data with others.

For more information of SuperWebGIS 3, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SWG3.aspx


SuperWebGIS and SuperGIS Desktop for Diverse Research

Using GIS technologies, governments, organizations, universities and companies can analyze complex data on maps in a visualization way, to make better decisions.

The following shows how SuperGIS products are applied to diverse domains, like marine, toxic substance, construction, emergency response, and culture.

1. The Institute of Oceanography at National Taiwan University selected SuperWebGIS for marine research by publishing web services via the Internet to share with multi-users for convenient and efficient survey.

2. The Construction and Planning Agency at Ministry of the Interior selected SuperWebGIS for non-urban land development and budget evaluation by integrating complex data with visualized maps.

3. The Center for Aboriginal Studies at National Chengchi University selected SuperGIS Desktop to display ancient maps with aboriginal data, in order to analyze the inhabitation and immigration information.

4. The Department of Architecture at Lan Yang Institute of Technology purchased SuperGIS Desktop to demonstrate the construction site and the neighbor geographic environment for further study.

5. The Northern Center for Emergency Response of Toxic Substance purchased SuperGIS Desktop to assist the researchers in analyzing the distribution of toxic substance by buffer analysis methods.

6. Instrument Technology Research Center at National Applied Research Laboratories selected SuperPad to go with the survey instruments in the Center to support the conducted mobile GI study.


SuperWebGIS 3 Released Globally!

We are thrilled to announce that SuperWebGIS 3, the latest Internet Map Server Software, is officially launched! SuperWebGIS 3 is able to assist enterprises in publishing dynamic maps and spatial data via the Web efficiently.

Compared with the older version, SuperWebGIS 3 has highly scalable framework, complete GIS objects, and various types of website templates, which can help enterprise publish, display, and share spatial data either in the corporate intranet or the Internet effectively.

Additionally, SuperWebGIS 3 enhances the interoperability with geodatabases and OGC standards.

SuperWebGIS 3 supports numerous commonly-used Geodatabase, such as Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server 2008 Spatial, and Oracle 10i/11g, etc. Thus, it would be more convenient for users to access the spatial data, and the usability of the data can be raised.

As to OGC standards, SuperWebGIS 3 supports various map services conforming to OGC standards, like WMS, WFS, WCS, etc. The trademark licenses are already issued by OGC. Therefore, SuperWebGIS 3 can help users achieve better data sharing under cross-platform, cross-domain, and cross-system environment.

Moreover, SuperWebGIS 3 supports a number of client-end applications. Client-end users can utilize SuperGIS Desktop, SuperPad, and commonly-used browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) to utilize the map services published by SuperWebGIS 3 effortlessly.

Evaluate SuperWebGIS 3 for free at http://www.supergeotek.com


SuperGIS Selected by National Parks and Government Sectors

SuperGIS Software has been chosen by several organizations recently for dissimilar purposes, from the management of national parks, to data collection for tombs. Here are some examples,

1. Emerging Smart Technology Institute (ESTI) purchased SuperGIS Desktop to integrate with smart phones to display real-time POI data on maps. ESTI has an aim to support the IT development and applications in Taiwan.

2. Academia Historica purchased SuperWebGIS to integrate and publish historical data that have been accumulated for nearly a century. SuperWebGIS helps the organization integrate the records for effective data management.

3. Civil Affairs Department of Miaoli County Government chose SuperPad 3 for the Funeral Administration Office. SuperPad is utilized to investigate and collect the spatial data of the tombs and cemetery for better management.

4. Shei-Pa National Park procured SuperGIS to visualize the diversified wildlife data on maps for conservation. SuperGIS displays the rare and endemic species to achieve environment conservation and protection.

5. Kinmen National Park selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 for its unique scenery and local culture, which can be displayed on the maps by SuperGIS Desktop for the public to learn more information combining geographic information.

6. Taiwan Wetland Society selected SuperGIS Desktop, plus Spatial Analyst, Spatial Statistical Analyst, and Network Analyst, for the ecological research and sustainable environment along the coastline.


SuperGeo Global Sales Performance

The variety of SuperGIS software has been chosen by many institutes and universities for diverse purposes. The selected software is from mobile, desktop, server, to developer GIS software. The purposes cover tourism, construction, agriculture, forestry, etc.

1. Industrial Technology Research Institute, the pioneer research organization that serves to strengthen the technological competitiveness of Taiwan, selected SuperNetObjects to develop dynamic navigation system for complete route analysis.

2. Miaoli County Government procured SuperPad, the full-function mobile GIS software, to collect field data for the development of leisure and tourism business.

3. The Department of Civil Engineering at China University of Science and Technology purchased SuperGIS Desktop 3 to visualize the engineering and construction conditions on maps.

4. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute under the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3 to analyze the collected forest data for overlaying layers and advanced analysis.

5. Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, selected SuperWebGIS to combine electrical maps and RFID techniques to create ‘Analysis Service and Lab Management System.’

6. The Department of Applied Economics at National Ilan University procured SuperWebGIS along with Chart Extension for its Teaching Lab to help students analyze the economical and statistical data on maps.

SuperGeo Support Center Offers Professional GIS Training

The Support and Training Center at SuperGeo Technologies is offering a professional GIS training course with Taiwan GIS Center (TGIC) in Taipei during August 5 to 6.

TGIC is the significant staff sector under the Council for Economic Planning and Development and is in charge of regulating and promoting important GIS-related policies as well as allocating GIS expenditures in Taiwan.

In order to promote GIS knowledge and applications to the academia, SuperGeo Technologies and TGIC co-establish the GIS training program for the professors and graduate students from universities.

The trainer is John Cheng from the GIS Training and Support Center at SuperGeo Technologies. During the 2-day program, John introduces GIS concepts, spatial analysis, data querying and editing, image rectification, and map designing, etc. to the trainees. SuperGIS Desktop will be used as the professional platform to demonstrate the aforementioned content. .

TGIC is also the organizer of ‘Asia GIS 2010 International Conference’. SuperGeo Technologies will be joining in Asia GIS to exhibit the latest SuperGIS technologies and software in November. For more information, please visit http://www.agis2010.tgic.org.tw/eng/index.html