SuperPad 3 Supports Turkish Now!

SuperPad 3 Türk Dili Destekler- SuperPad 3 Supports Turkish Now!

SuperGeo RD team is pleased to announce that SuperPad 3, the fully functional mobile GIS software, now supports Turkish.

As we are having more and more users from international markets, multilingual support in SuperGIS series products is getting important.

In order to provide numerous non-English speakers with a better and easy-to-use manipulation environment, SuperGeo Technologies has developed the multi-lingual support in SuperPad since 2009.

SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software, is designed for professional field surveyors. Integrating complete mapping, GIS, and GPS techniques into a handheld device, SuperPad allows the field surveyors to quickly and effectively collect, edit and measure the spatial data in the field.

In addition to Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese, SuperGeo RD team announced that SuperPad supports Turkish as well. The field workers in Middle East area or Turkish speakers in other areas could finish their work more easily and conveniently.

To experience the multi-lingual in SuperPad 3, download the free trial at www.supergeotek.com now.


Introduce SuperGeo Partner in Kuwait

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive partner in Kuwait, International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd, who will represent SuperGeo to promote SuperGIS series software in Kuwait exclusively.

Seeing the functionality, reasonable prices, as well as fine services of SuperGIS software, International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd (IIES) applies for the exclusive resellership of SuperGIS products in Kuwait and the contract is confirmed by SuperGeo Technologies already.

IIES has strong relationship with several important organizations in Kuwait, such as Environment Public Authority (EPA), Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS), and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). The cooperation is mainly utilizing geospatial technologies to establish integrated platforms for advanced environmental research and analysis.

During October 6th to 8th, IIES will be coming to Taiwan for product training. We expect a fruitful training and discussion to market SuperGIS extensively on Kuwait market.

Also, IIES will co-work with Aeromap, SuperGeo's reseller in Bahrain, to represent SuperGeo in '2010 Meet Taiwan', an event for Taiwanese technology firms to introduce advanced technologies as well as products in Kuwait. Welcome to pay us a visit in Kuwait International Fair during October 10-12, 2010.


SuperGIS Software Assists Government in Construction and Management

The use of GIS technologies is diversified. In this article, we introduce how government sectors and universities apply SuperGIS software to various tasks.

1. Chiayi City Government purchased SuperPad to survey and measure construction sites. SuperPad can collect infrastructure data of the building new sites, to better plan the nearby environment and condition for advanced evaluation.

2. Miaoli County Department of Aborigine Administration selected SuperPad to survey the aboriginal data in Miaoli County. SuperPad can collect and display the unique data of the diverse tribes on maps.

3. SuperPad and SuperGIS Desktop are selected by Yangmingshan National Park for facility management. GIS technologies are utilized for managing facility and reporting disorders in the huge national park.

4. Minghsin University of Science and Technology purchased SuperGIS Spatial Analyst to identify the best scenic spot after analyzing terrain and spatial data. Spatial Analyst is able to do several spatial data analysis functions, such as distance, density, viewshed, slope analysis, etc. to plan the best locations.

5. The Department of Urban Planning and Disaster Management at Ming Chuan University chose SuperPad for collecting information to plan evacuation routes and road conditions when disasters happen.

6. National Ilan University procured SuperWebGIS to maintain and update the newest tourism information. SuperWebGIS is able to integrate data from different tourism and transportation sectors to provide complete and update information for the web visitors.


SuperGeo Partners with Taiwan GIS Center

We are proud to announce the collaboration agreement with Taiwan GIS Center (TGIC) for a long-term partnership. Together, the two parties will promote the development of geospatial technologies and applications for Taiwan.

TGIC is a significant staff sector under the Council for Economic Planning and Development, the Executive Yuan. In charge of regulating and promoting important GIS-related policies as well as allocating GIS expenditures in Taiwan, TGIC is the most important organization to bridge the connection between Taiwanese government and GIS companies.

Over years, SuperGeo Technologies and TGIC have been co-working together to enhance geographic information technology and development. In order for more fruitful outcome, the two sides today signed the collaboration agreement, further stating the mutual work and efforts in the future cooperation.

SuperGeo Technologies and TGIC will collaborate in several points, including human resource development and education, technology research and development, and resource sharing and networking for the geospatial domain in Taiwan and the neighbor countries. The cooperation is expected to increase more interflow and benefits for the government, the academia, and the GIS users in Taiwan.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial and Oracle Spatial Supported in SuperWebGIS 3!

We are pleased to announce that SuperWebGIS 3, the latest Internet Map Server Software, is able to support several common geodatabases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial, Oracle Spatial 10i/11g.

SuperWebGIS 3 is the map server software enabling enterprises to deliver dynamic maps and GIS data to the Internet. In recent years, the matured WebGIS technologies have extended WebGIS applications. Large-scale Web GIS plans have also been developed. However, large quantities of data seem to be the inevitable problem in executing these large-scale WebGIS plans. Geodatabases, therefore, become increasingly important and necessary.

SuperWebGIS 3 supports numerous commonly-used Geodatabases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial, Oracle Spatial 10i/11g, etc. Users can read the spatial data from the Geodatabases mentioned above in SuperWebGIS Mapper without installing any other plug-ins in the server.

Furthermore, users can design the spatial data which are read from the Geodatabases in SuperWebGIS Mapper. Thus, the map services published on the Internet can meet the application needs in various fields.
For more details about SuperWebGIS 3, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SWG3.aspx.