SuperGIS Software Showcased at Spatial@gov Conference

During October 5-7, 2010, Cody Corporation, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Australia and New Zealand, joined in Spatial@gov Conference (http://www.cebit.com.au/2010/conferences/spatial-at-gov) at National Convention Center, Canberra, Australia.

Spatial capabilities have been utilized by government sectors to enhance services, streamline practices, and make better decisions and policies. Therefore, geospatial industry plays an important role in nations’ economy. SuperGIS software has also benefited the working efficiency and decision making process in different sectors.

During Spatial@gov, Cody Corporation demonstrated how SuperGIS software could be applied to related government affairs, such as transportation, urban planning, disease control, and climate study.

SuperGeo team will meet the users in Taiwan during November 5-6, in Asia GIS 2010. http://www.supergeotek.com/news.aspx?Type=Upcoming&ID=710


Introduce SuperGeo Exclusive Reseller in South Africa

We are thrilled to introduce a new partner, Spatial Perspective, in South Afica.

Since Spatial Perspective has strong networking in several countries in South African area, SuperGeo Technologies has authorized the exclusive partnership with Spatial Perspective in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

Spatial Perspective has deep experience in marketing GIS and GPS software, and applying GIS technologies to related projects.

Seeing the functionality and reasonable pricing of SuperGIS series products, Spatial Perspective is keen to promote the software to the local users.

The users in the South African area can thus have a good contact for SuperGIS software now.

For more information, please visit www.supergeotek.com


SuperGIS Case Studies- Transportation Atlas Database & Groundwater Evaluation Platform

SuperGeo develops a platform with complete data of each groundwater recharge area to evaluate the recharge potential and create a groundwater mode by SuperGIS Desktop.

The aim of the project is to create the complete data of each groundwater recharge area by evaluating groundwater recharge potential and creating a groundwater mode. The accuracy of hydrogeology map of groundwater area can be raised efficiently.

On the other hand, using SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Image Server, SuperGeo develop a platform for sustainable digital map database of transportation networks.

The project aims to establish a powerful sharing platform to store, manage and publish huge image data efficiently. Users can edit the transportation network files effectively and also expand the attribute data to provide correct and usable road network digital atlas rapidly.

For more information, visit
http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201010.aspx (Groundwater Evaluation Platform)
http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201010_2.aspx (Transportation Atlas Database)


SuperGeo Training for Kuwait Resellers

This week, we welcomed our exclusive reseller in Kuwait, International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd. (IIES) to Taipei for the training program.

During the wonderful 3 days, SuperGeo team has offered professional sales and technical training, hoping to help our partners win more business. We also have had in-depth business discussion about promoting SuperGIS software on Kuwait market.

Next year, we expect to have further development in the Middle East by means of the support from our partners. Hopefully in a short time, the users in the Middle East will enjoy the functionality, price advantage, and nice service from SuperGIS software and SuperGeo global network.

Interested in being our partner? Please contact us now staff@supergeotek.com.