Introduce SuperGeo New Reseller in Vietnam

We couldn't be more pleased to share with you that we have developed another partnership in Vietnam, where our new reseller, GeoViet Consulting, will distribute SuperGIS series software.

Located in Honai, known as the capital and the economic hub of Vietnam, GeoViet Consulting has been dedicated to the application and development of geospatial technology since being established in 1996.

The consultation services that GeoViet Consulting offers span from geospatial information, climate changes and environmental studies, natural resources planning to GIS management projects.

Based on its broad range of services, the company incessantly improves environmental development and inter-disciplinary communication by integrating geospatial technologies.

After signing with SuperGeo Technologies, GeoViet Consulting promised to try its best to promote SuperGIS series products and boost the advancement of geographical information in Vietnam. In the meantime, we will definitely provide GeoViet Consulting with full and speedy support.

We feel deeply appreciated to build firm cooperation with many remarkable partners, 16 of which are from the Asian market. To elevate GIS development and expand our business, we will seek collaboration with more distributors from diverse fields to promote SuperGIS series products in the global market, and keep proceeding toward a prosperous future.

More information of GeoViet Consulting is available at www.geoviet.vn

More info of SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com or contact staff@supergeotek.com


GPS Learning CD is Officially Available NOW

We are thrilled to share with you that the GPS Learning CD, our brand-new teaching material for Global Positioning System (GPS) operation, is now released worldwide.

Designed mainly for GPS beginners, GPS Learning CD includes all the GIS knowledge they should have, including the history of GPS, operation principle, signal format, methods to position and measure, etc.

In the past, GPS users often find GPS concepts difficult to realize as those are hard to be demonstrated in popular media. Even books or other materials for GPS guidance are accessible, most people do not have time and patience to read because of the massive and fixed contents.

However, with Flash animation, GPS concepts now can be presented dynamically in animation. Accordingly, beginners can effectively acquire the basic knowledge of GPS through the organized and vivid learning environment.

Besides, the comprehensive contents and clear descriptions of GPS Learning CD make itself the useful course materials for students learning GPS. It not only enables lecturers to save lots of time spent on course preparation, but also prevents students from absorbing misleading or incorrect information from the Internet.

Other than assisting lecturers in teaching, GPS Learning CD is also suitable for the people who are engaged in GPS-related business. They can obtain the fundamental knowledge of GPS easily and swiftly with the abundant information contained in the CD. In this way, they can quickly get hold of GPS and enhance their work efficiency.

If you would like to get more information of GPS Learning CD, please visit www.supergeotek.com.

Introduce SuperGeo New Reseller in Caribbean Region

We are so glad to announce our new reseller, GYSFYN, in the Caribbean area. The territory of GYSFYN to distribute SuperGIS series software covers Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Dominica, Montserrat, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Anguilla, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, Guyana, St. Maarten.

Located in St. Georges, the capital of Grenada, GYSFYN has offered GIS and Geo-Date services including GIS Training, data capture, Web interface and GIS application development since its establishment in 1999.

These days, GYSFYN has expanded the Geoinformatics activities across the Caribbean area and served customers from various fields, especially the electric, telecom, water and waste water industries.

After testing SuperGIS software, GYSFYN considers SuperGIS series products to be extraordinary in the aspect of price and functionality. SuperGIS software not only meets the local needs but also possesses great potential for international development. Thus, GYSFYN hopes to be one of SuperGeo Technologies' partners for providing its clients with comprehensive and efficient services.

Following the announcement of new resellers in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East In the beginning of 2011, we seek to extend our services to the developing regions in America.

Furthermore, we wish to enlarge our service scope with SuperGIS series software and improve the development of more overseas nations with our superior products.

For more info of SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com or contact staff@supergeotek.com.


Introduce SuperGeo New Reseller in Poland

We couldn't be more excited to announce that we have further expanded our business partnership in Poland, where our new reseller, geoMpix Piotr Piech, will distribute SuperGIS series software.

Sited in Rzeszów, the capital of podkarpackie, Poland, geoMpix Piotr Piech offers local users Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions, cartography services, as well as satellite navigation and GNSS solutions.

What is more, this corporation has been awarded the funds sponsored by the European Union, thus being predicted to have much potential of development in local areas.

GeoMpix Piotr Piech has strived to look for ideal GIS software, hardware and map data in order to provide local users with comprehensive solutions and service. Therefore, with the recognition of full-functioned and highly-efficient SuperGIS series software, this company hopes to become a reseller of SuperGeo products in Poland. Meanwhile, GeoMpix Piotr Piech will spare no efforts in promoting SuperGIS series software.

In European and American markets where GIS is a mature and popular technology, SuperGeo Technologies has attracted interests from many users and related companies. Besides, having developed cooperation with nations such as France and Italy and achieving considerable sales in 2010, we are working on broader collaboration with more firms now.

Regarding the prospect of 2011, SuperGeo expects to establish more distributing bases throughout targeted EMEA regions and seeks to introduce and reasonably- priced SuperGIS software to a wider range of clients all over the world.

More information of geoMpix Piotr Piech, please go to http://www.geompix.pl

For more info of SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com or contact staff@supergeotek.com.


Happy Chinese Rabbit Year!

The Year of the Golden Rabbit is coming… The golden rabbit symbols good luck, fortune, and joy.

We’d like to wish you a prosperous year with health, wealth, happiness, and success. May fortunes find their ways to you!

Please kindly be noted that Chinese New Year holidays are from February 2nd to 7th 2011. We will be back to the office on February 8th and contact with you soon.

Happy Chinese Rabbit Year!

SuperGeo 2011 Year End Dinner Party

January 28, 2011, SuperGeo Technologies and the spin off companies, including, TMS, SMAP, ESI, SuperGeo Malaysia, enjoyed the best year end dinner party ever!

SuperGeo Year End Party is the treat from Mr. Super Wang, the President of SuperGeo Technologies, to thank all the employees for the hard work in the past year. We have more than 100 SuperGeo employees plus numerous families in the gathering.

This year, we had a special theme to dress up as movie characters.

You can see we had Spider-Man, Shrek, Super Woman, the Joker in The Dark Knight, and many many more… which one is the best in your mind?

In addition to the election of the best outfit, we also organized singing shows! SuperGeo Got Talent or SuperGeo Idol brought the most touching songs for everyone.

Finally, we had the Lucky Draw! All the nice presents and cash gifts pushed the party to the peak! Luckily, myself won a camera!

We had such a wonderful time before the end of Chinese New Year (the Year of the Tiger). In the coming year, we will devote ourselves even more to keep bringing the best products and services to you!

SuperGeo won Geospatial Excellence Award at Geospatial World Forum

We are thrilled to share with you that SuperGeo has won Geospatial Excellence Award at Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, India, during January 18-21, 2011.

By means of the SuperGIS application “Taipei City Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Web”, we are honored to receive Geospatial Excellence Award. The application is structured on SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server software developed by SuperGeo. The award is held by GIS Development, one of the most reputed geospatial communications network companies in the world.

During the exhibition, we also attracted hundreds of visitors to our booth to learn more about the latest SuperGIS software and applications. Numerous companies have shown high interest in cooperating with SuperGeo or being SuperGeo resellers. This was a very successful exhibition and has benefited the developing strategy of SuperGeo’s global network, especially in India.

If you are interested in cooperating with SuperGeo, or have any questions, comments on SuperGIS software, please contact us at staff@supergeotek.com.