SuperGIS Server Provides Web APIs for Map Data Management

Are you seeking a more powerful platform for map resources management? SuperGIS Server is definitely a set of map server software you must try.

Designed for creating, managing, integrating and publishing GIS resources, SuperGIS Server greatly elevates the efficiency in processing geospatial data. Users can obtain almost any types of GIS resources they need from SuperGIS Server via the Internet.

To diversify the display of map websites, SuperGIS Server is now equipped with two Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), SuperGIS Server JavaScript API and SuperGIS Server Flex API.

These two types of Web API enable developers to access map services, develop webpage applications and customize map websites with more ease. In other words, with the Web APIs of SuperGIS Server, developers are able to create GIS platforms suitable for businesses.

In addition, if developers need detailed descriptions of each object and applied samples of SuperGIS Server, they can just refer to the Developer Guide attached to the software.

For complete introduction of SuperGIS Server Web APIs, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_1_201105.aspx

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Introduce SuperGeo's New Reseller in India

We couldn't be more pleased to share an exciting news with you! That is, we have found a new partner in India, RSI SOFTECH.

The main services of RSI SOFTECH ranges from remote sensing, survey to mapping applications. With its headquarters located in Hyderabad, RSI SOFTECH serves clients from the fields of business, agriculture, engineering, telecommunication, transportation, cadastral and cartography, etc.

Based on the expertise in Web GIS, Utility Mapping and Geospatial Data Mining Applications, RSI SOFTECH has become one of the leading providers of GIS, remote sensing and GPS hardware and software products and related services in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Having tested SuperGIS software, RSI SOFTECH is impressed by the comprehensive functions and high applied utility of SuperGIS products. Thus, RSI SOFTECH seeks the collaboration with SuperGeo in hopes of better serving its customers. Today, SuperGeo Technologies granted the resellership to RSI SOFTECH, who will promote SuperGIS series products in India.

India has saw the rapid growth of geospatial information industry in recent years. In view of this, SuperGeo technologies will hold SuperGIS training programs for RSI SOFTECH by the end of 2011, offering sufficient support to RSI SOFTECH in promoting SuperGIS products via multiple sale channels in India.

More information of RSI SOFTECH, please visit http://www.rsisoftech.com

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com


SuperGIS Server 3 Now Supports OGC Standards

We've got an exciting news for you! Our comprehensive server-based GIS software, SuperGIS Server 3, has passed Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) official compliance test.

Following SuperWebGIS 3, SuperGIS Server 3 is granted the official certification of OGC. In orther words, SuperGIS Server 3 now supports Web Map Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) standards, which are defined by OGC.

The greatest advantage of this news is that for users with SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperPad 3, they can utilize the 2 front-end applications to access the OGC web map services released by SuperGIS Server 3 and directly read WMS and WFS services.

To be more specific, with these functions allowing the map data from diverse resources to be seamlessly integrated on the Internet, users can get geospatial data services more effectively, and also optimize the data usability.

In this way, both the interoperability of the SuperGIS products and the working efficiency of enterprises employing SuperGIS Server 3 can be considerably elevated.

More information of SuperGIS Server 3 is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SGS3.aspx

Further information about SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com


SuperGIS Application to Eco-Cultural Navigation

Another successful application with SuperGIS software! We have successfully set up Web-GIS, an Eco-cultural GIS website, to assist a local university in combining the campus navigation system with the features of surrounding environment.

To elevate teaching quality, Tungnan University is in need of a platform which can serve as both a database of local ecology and a system for campus navigation. By employing SuperWebGIS as the map server, we establish the Eco-cultural Web-GIS.

The Eco-cultural Web-GIS has a user-friendly interface, with its webpage being divided into two major sections: the map display area on the left and the Google Earth display area on the right. In addition to Google Earth, this website can display maps including e-maps, satellite images, Google Earth 3D buildings, etc.

Connecting to the website, users can easily get detailed eco-cultural information around the campus with query and map manipulation functions, like pan, zoom in/out, zoom to full extent.

Instructors can integrate the system with courses to help students understand GIS related knowledge. What's more, the public can also view specific tourism information of locations nearby the campus, such as scenic spot, the name of store, address, and phone number, etc.

With the Eco-cultural Web-GIS website, not only students' knowledge of GIS data collecting and managing can be greatly enriched, but the area nearby campus can gain benefits regarding its development and resources conservation.

To read the full story, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201105.aspx


Introduce SuperGeo's New Reseller in Romania

We are much delighted to introduce our latest partner in Romania, SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l., to you.

SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. is located in Brasov, a city of Romania. Since being founded in 2007, this company has been providing clients with land survey services including cadastral survey, engineerng survey and topographic survey.

The corporation's manager, Ionel Vrinceanu, has been working as a surveyor since studying in America. During the process, he has accummulated vast experiences of land survey services, from boundary, topographic and Alta surveys to complex highways and construction layouts.

Although there are more and more firms engaging in GIS industry arises in Romania, the locals still lack sufficient knowledge of Geographic Information System. Having recognized this situation, SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. actively seeks to collaborate with SuperGeo Technologies.

In view of this company's ambition to promote SuperGIS software which are highly-efficient and reasonably-priced in Romania, SuperGeo Technologies today officially granted the resellership to SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l., who will distribute SuperGIS series products in the local area.

Aside from boosting the development of GIS and promote SuperGIS series products in Romania, SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. plans to strengthen its cooperation with the academic institutes and governmental agencies in Romania, assisting them in proceeding land use, urban planning and cadastral management, etc.

For more information of SC Molinaro Topo Expert S.r.l. , please visit www.expert-topo.ro/en/

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com