SuperGeo 2012 Year End Dinner Party

In order to express the genuine appreciation to the hard working employees, Mr. Super Wang, the Chairman of SuperGeo Technologies, invited all employees and the spin off companies, including, TMS, SMAP, and EMCT to attend the year end dinner party on January 13. It was such a memorable experience to every participant.

The family members of the colleagues are also invited to the party. Each child received a red envelop with money and good wishes.

During the banquet, it is a great opportunity to reward the outstanding senior employee. Furthermore, lucky Draw is the most expected and exciting activity to us. Fortunately, most of my colleagues won the nice prizes.

The Chinese New Year is approaching, (the Year of the Dragon). In the coming year, our primary goals are to drum up more profitable worldwide businesses through establishing a closer cooperation with the partners and to continually provide quality products and services to you. Wish You a Prosperous New Year!


Dynamic Bus Information & Transit WebGIS System

Taichung is the third biggest in Taiwan with heavy traffic network. In recent years, the local government takes the development of Taichung City tourism as the priority to improve a variety of tourist facilities and services.

In order to provide the convenient public transport and encourage the use of public transportation, The Department of Transportation of Taichung City Government planned to create a GIS system for querying bus transmit information and the real-time dynamic bus information.

For instance, the bus stops as well as the current bus position can be displayed clearly on the map. Users can click the bus stop to check the estimated arrival time to plan for the travel schedule.

In addition, the web-based GIS platform helps the related units to publish the route data, scenic spot data and the electronic maps stored in the geodatabase (Microsoft SQL Server) over the Internet. By Utilizing the WebGIS service, the staff and users are allowed to query the bus information of Taichung area and plan the tour route through the web browsers without the need of installing any plug-ins.

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GIS Management Platform for Enterprise Management

For an enterprise, lack of data integration and management may result in work inefficiency, restricted data access, and poor enterprise management, and even an extra cost for securing data.

In order to effectively manage and integrate massive amount of data, Asia Pacific Telecom utilizes SuperGIS Server 3 to establish a single service platform which allows the staff to access, use, and manage the spatial data.

Developed with the latest GIS software, the platform offers function services to enhance the mechanism of management and maintenance. Also, the standalone mapping functions and spatial analysis functions are integrated into the GIS management platform to efficiently reduce work hours and accelerate working efficiency.

The single intranet-based service platform enables users to query maps and edit spatial data with ease; meanwhile ensuring that data can be effectively managed and shared by the numerous departments to enhance the enterprise efficiency.

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GIS Application to Preserve Historical Horticulture

As we know that the climate change and rising average world temperatures has resulted in a deep influence on species’ geographical ranges and may disadvantage species that cannot survive and have long generation times.

If the following natural changes like agricultural commercialization, global environmental change, and habitat disappearance continue to occur, the first major problem that people will face is the crisis of food shortage.

In recent years, horticultural crop wild relatives in Taiwan meet the problem of plant propagation. In order to resolve this problem, Chiayi Experimental Branch Station, Central Research Institute in Taiwan intends to apply a WebGIS system to observe the evolution trend and monitor the habitats of horticultural crop wild relatives in Taiwan for a long-term conservation.

By using the SeuperGeo’s SuperWebGIS, the WebGIS system developed by Chiayi Experimental Branch Station allows the researchers to integrate the data of distribution of the horticultural crop wild relatives and the species’ characteristics. In consequence, the data can be used as the important references for the evolution trend and assist the sustainable use of creature inheritance resources and conservation..

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