New Release of SuperGIS Network Server 3.1

SuperGIS Network Server 3.1, the server software developed by SuperGeo, performs complete network analysis functions and network analysis calculation ability via web services to improve productivity for organizations.

Developed with SuperNetObjects 3.0, SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 performs multiple network analyses such as Shortest Path, Superior Route Planning, Closest Facilities, Service Area, etc.

SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 achieves the integration with other front-end platforms. The server GIS software allows developers to develop the web applications or mobile applications for Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS platforms.

Through employing SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 and SuperGIS Server 3.1, users can easily create a map website, carry out advanced network analyses, and publish map data via web services.

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SuperGIS Server 3.1 Promotes Integration with OpenStreetMap

We are glad to announce that the latest SuperGIS Server 3.1 Value promotes the integration with OpenStreetMap. As a comprehensive server-based GIS, SuperGIS Server 3.1 allows organizations to create, manage, integrate, and publish a variety of spatial services.

To provide developers with a flexible server structure, the newest SuperGIS Server 3.1 Value Edition optimizes the ability to integrate with other platforms. In addition to the services delivered by Google Maps and ArcGIS Server, the services published by SuperGIS Server 3.1 can also be overlaid with OpenStreetMap services.

Administrators now are able to publish map services and overlay these services with OpenStreetMap after building the SuperGIS Server website. Consequently, the map website can be developed flexibly with richer contents to satisfy the users' needs.

Offering elastic server structure and strong ability in integration, SuperGIS Server 3.1 Value Edition assists developers in customizing their map websites with ease and displaying map services that are overlaid with other open GIS resources on the website.

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The free trial is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx


SuperGIS for Disaster Evacuation and Rescue Plan

Climate change has increased the frequency and impact ranges of mass disasters all around the world. Disaster prevention and management therefore plays an important role in warding off diverse natural disasters. Take Taiwan for instance. Located in Circum-Pacific seismic zone, the island often faces threats due to the frequent typhoons and rainstorms.

To help the local government promptly respond to disasters, the Department of Geomatics of National Cheng Kung University utilizes the SuperGIS software to develop a disaster evacuation application, which provides related departments with references to undertake disastrous damage prevention programme.

The project focuses on integrating functions of GPS and GIS on application of smart phones that can be used in evacuation, rescue, and decreasing disastrous damage and casualties. Also, the Android-powered devices are used to display the GIS information for Disaster Evacuation and Rescue and can serve instant GPS coordinate positioning on local machine and support the connection to Web GIS Network Server on Cloud.

By working with SuperGIS Network Server, the application provides users with disastrous situation and network analyses for taking real-time traffic information such as road and bridge damage or prevention and rescue information from related sections into consideration. Consequently, the result of network analysis can be published in form of layers on map service on the mobile application for people to utilize.

Moreover, the Disaster Evacuation and Rescue system is developed as a mobile application (APP) for Android OS users who are evacuees or disaster relief personnel during accidents. Applying technologies like GPS, PDA and mobile GIS, the platform enables users to transmit the information of disaster prevention, rescue, and evacuation immediately and protect lives and property.

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Introducing the Newest SuperGIS 3D Analyst 3.0

The specialized extension, SuperGIS 3D Analyst 3.0, is launched to increase more capabilities to SuperGIS Desktop 3.1. SuperGIS 3D Analyst 3.0 offers 3D visualization and surface analysis method to input image, vector or elevation data to analyze surface change, query information or calculate visible range of the specific point on the surface.

With the 3D analysis too, you can overlay image data, vector data, and surface data, and simulate the real world and display 3D model. In addition, SuperGIS 3D Analyst 3.0 performs complete and optimal 3D analysis functions, including the support of triangulated irregular network (TIN), Generate Contours and Generate Steepest Path.

Delivering a user friendly interface and the manipulation environment, SuperGIS Globe can assist users in displaying 3D model which contains elevation data and comprehends 3D surface undulation by the fly tool.

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The free trial is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx